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Alyssa Sinclair

Three-month portrait of a family, by CVS Pharmacy

Three-month portrait of a family, by CVS pharmacy


Amoxicillin Amoxicillin Amoxicillin                              (mox: soon)

Cephalexin                                                                       (cephal-: head)

Flo-vent                                                                            (flo: flourish)

Diazepam Methocarbamol Hydrocodone Trazodone      (throughout [the] medicinal, water)

Amoxicillin Z-Pack                                                         soon soon soon [the]


Wellbutrin Desvenlafaxine                                              desperation

Gabapentin Tramadol Lexapro                                                 of words

Cephalexin Prednisone Azithromycin                             (plunder)ed me

Cefdinir                                                                            (terribly great)

Prozac                                                                              (forward movement) [of an]

Zoloft                                                                               (animal elevated)

Clonazepam                                                                     (a twig, a spray)

Cephalexin prednisone plundered me greatly again

Alprazolam                        (From al(pha) +‎ p(henyl) +‎ (t)r(i)azol(o) +‎ -(azep)am.

                         Countable and uncountable substance

                                     To shine

                                                A living being

                                                           (in)to love


Alyssa Sinclair completed her Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of St. Andrews. Her poetry and essays have been featured by River Teeth Journal, Mutha Magazine, Literary Mama, and Poetry Society of New York, among others. Her first chapbook of poetry, Venus Anadyomene, is forthcoming with Finishing Line Press in 2024. 


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