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Amy Baskin




—a view from an impairment



where is the glove composite compostment department

the hood looks like—



what’s the word—accordion? an instructment—

a musical fold



head rests on the seat—shock through my arms trunk legs

fuel is leaking from me



a slow drip under the mind my

engine is unseated



help me I am off—I was here and

now I'm here



see my face and body exit the driver door

not a scrape bruise or break



what did that big man just say

iam glaad yer okei


Visual disturbance

The air is salted, tingling

in a red way


through the porthole, light projects

on my eyelids.


What sea bird pecks through

my mind, prodding pain,


nesting in the knuckle of my fisted skull,

scratching hatchmarks


on ganglion ropes? I cannot summon

the spell to shoo it.


And when it flutters

away on its own accord,


and I scrub my galley clean

of feathers and droppings,


it homes back

through the wine-dark sea.

Baskin - Visual disturbance
Amy Baskin

Amy Baskin’s work is currently featured in journals including VoiceCatcher, Friends Journal and Cirque. She is a 2019 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship recipient.  When she’s not writing, she matches international students at Lewis & Clark College with local residents to help them feel welcome and at home during their stay.

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