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Julia Rose Lewis

The Midwife 


the obsolete sense of sea

gold then hen mere then maid one

egg springs on the white ferry

east here east her nest


returning the moonstone through

blueberry skin rabbit thin

off spring off spring off spring off

the grey eyed morning


the bush wishes green wishes

green-pink wishes pink-purple

wishes ripe and wild fall down

brown eyed evening


low and growing bear

here rings the summon to boom

blue the rabbit bloom

Julia Rose Lewis

Julia Rose Lewis is the author of Phenomenology of the Feral (KFS 2017) and co-author with James Miller of Strays (HVTN 2017). She has published five pamphlets: Zeroing Event (Zarf 2016), Exhalation Halves Lambda (FLP 2017), How to Hypnotize a Lobster (2018), Archeology and the Beast (Luminous Press 2018), Miscellaneous (Sampson Low 2019). Find her on Twitter at @lilysbarnmate.

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