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Sarah Escue





maiden mare    rib-thin falls



asleep standing in the river


her ligaments soften & unspool



she pulls pebbles from their muddy beds



breaks them          with her teeth



like water          she remembers



everything          holds on to nothing



pearly membranes rupture



aflood with pink-bellied fish          the river tantrums



hemorrhages on rock-hips



mare bites the blood-cord          swallows it as a prayer rots between her teeth



the body always intervenes





emerging through pines



in the hot stink of night—



an archive of longing




from Utterances

thaw {v. THô}



speech dissolves



within a lost after-






turnip roots untwist    twist untwist


rush of blue cold



rush of [






constellation drawn by the hush

of skin on skin



—dark chorus


wintered by ruin



wolf {n. woo lf}


your hunger is specific



tongue to teeth to lips



in snow    bloody paw prints.



a boy yells timber



a boy yells



timber a boy yells




Escue - from Utterances
Sarah Escue

Sarah Alcaide-Escue is a poet, editor, artist and literary translator. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida. Her work appears in DIAGRAM, Permafrost, Lullwater Review, Atticus Review, Dialogist, Wildness and other publications. She is a poetry editor at Cigar City Poetry Journal and The Adirondack Review. You can visit her website at She's also on Instagram and Twitter.

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