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Cameron Lovejoy


typography performs         in the amphitheater at dusk


the moon a compact

disk on repeat, repeat


customers of customary margins


open air


open sky of pink cirrus moving slantwise


someone takes a photograph

someone turns a phonograph

someone makes a homophone


of the setting sun


the amphitheater is a yawning mouth, featuring


the apertures of letters,


the openings of the c or the s signifying space or


the “a” but not the a

in italics


or the letter O—at all


so much information moves through the opening

of an eye


the brain like a sponge

with all its little holes, trypophobia’s


typo phlegm, bubbles

in a cup of coffee






oooooooooo        the overture


begins, filling

the wind with swords


the audience


gawks, a head of lotus seeds



Cameron Lovejoy is a self-taught poet, writer, and fine printer based in New Orleans. He co-edits Tilted House, a small press focussed on intimately made, handbound books. His work has appeared in Denver Quarterly, Columbia Review, DIAGRAM, and more.

Bear Review


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