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Volume 5.2

Published April 2019 

Featuring the work of Cynthia Cruz, Caroline Hagood, Julia Rose Lewis and Cynthia Manick

5.2 cover

Volume 5.1

Published October 2018 

Featuring the work of Adam Clay, John Gallaher, Sally Rosen Kindred and Virginia Konchan 

Volume 3.2

Published April 2017

Featuring the work of Bridget Lowe, Peter Mishler, Miguel Murphy, Craig Morgan Teicher

Volume 3.1

Published October 2016

Featuring the work of Simeon Berry, Shane McCrae, Alexis Orgera and Julia Story

Volume 2.2

Published April 2016

Featuring the work of Traci Brimhall, Chen Chen, Carl Phillips and Monica Youn

Volume 2.1

Published September 2015

Featuring the work of John Gallaher, Ruth Madievsky, Simone Muench and Nomi Stone

Volume 1.2

Published March 2015 

Featuring the work of Hadara Bar-Nadav, Arielle Greenberg, Timothy Liu and D.A. Powell

Volume 1.1

Published August 2014  

Featuring the work of Sean Thomas Dougherty, Miriam Gamble, Wayne Miller and Eric Pankey

In time, past issues will be converted to a more classic web experience. Follow us on social for updates on our progress. 

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