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Cammy Thomas

Not Feel

I don’t want to feel it

even looking down at her

one day old


not feel it

my fear is a scorpion

biting inside


this tiny perfect

creature I grew

it’s too much


like floating in Walden Pond

on my back at night

watched by the North Star


this tiny girl

who’ll live her appointed time

and no more


each time I saw her move

beneath the surface of my belly

my own salamander


I thought don’t make her a person

no that would be unbearable

like basalt stars


like trout in a clear river

rocks with fossils in them

a city breathing at first light


like everything lovely

her grunts as she nursed

her eyelashes

faint blue shadows at her temples

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Cammy Thomas’s collection, Tremors, received 2022 Poetry Honors from the Mass Book Awards. Her first book, Cathedral of Wish, received the Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America. A fellowship from the Ragdale Foundation helped her complete her collection, Inscriptions. Her poem, “Far Past War,” was set to music by her sister, composer Augusta Read Thomas, and premiered with the Cathedral Choral Society in Washington DC in 2022. She teaches literature to adults, and lives in Bolton, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

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