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Matthew Murrey

The Devotions

The apple at lunch caught my eye

when a bite I took went right to the core


and exposed the little monastic seeds,

one with its brown-black jacket split


by the thin tendril of a new root 

fruitlessly probing the flesh for dirt.  


Outside it was March—skeletal 

trees, shaded frost, sackcloth of grass. 


Finished, I tossed the gnawed core 

into the trash. It landed with a loud clunk


like an abbot’s knock on a monk’s door,

and interrupted my brief imitation of prayer.



Matthew Murrey’s poems have appeared widely, most recently in Whale Road Review, Poetry East, and Jet Fuel Review. He’s an NEA Fellowship recipient, and his collection, Bulletproof, was published in 2019 by Jacar Press. He was a public school librarian for over twenty years and lives in Urbana, Illinois. His website is at and he can be found on Twitter @mytwords.

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