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Sophie Bebeau

fourth trimester

he’s not in there anymore
             so the body weeps and leaks

like wrung cloth, spills a sap
             so sweet it rots in the folds

of his neck and mine
             until I can’t stand

the smell of us.

once we were
             a two-necked spectacle, uneven

in our sharing, still he takes
             all of my water, I am full

the earth is full

                          of red metal

the moon
             is full of light

the balling up of any someone into meat
             is a lifelong baffle

the body pays for the enormity
             of what it's done in afterpains

the room clenches to save the house,
             the blood is the thing that is keeping you whole

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Sophie Bebeau is a poet from the small-town city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her poems have appeared in Your Impossible Voice and Spoonies Magazine. Her work has been nominated for the 2024 Best of the Net award. She currently works as a freelance writer and designer. You can find her on Instagram at @sophiebebeau and on Twitter @magicspaceorb.

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