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Brian Woerner 

We Make a Prairie 

Let’s make a prairie you said 

and we walked into the stony field

here’s violets you said 


I reached my hand 

into the air here’s daisies 

I said you took 


my hand we made more of everything 

milkweed wildflowers 

we tied a ribbon 


to a stand of trees you said 

ferny things and I laughed 

we didn’t forget about the foxes 


the sky was pinned down 

in places the moon 

was so thin we could see the blue 


through it we were finished 

and a little hungry 

and God saw that it was 


but we walked home 

without waiting 

for the answer 


tomorrow you said 

what shall we make tomorrow 

I said yes

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Brian Woerner has taught high school English for over twenty years, and currently works at Manhasset High School in Manhasset, New York. Previous poems and essays have appeared in English Journal and Sycamore Review. He makes his home in Queens, New York, with his partner and their rescue dog.

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