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Greg Jensen


for Marvin Bell



When Marvin Bell walks by

I hear Steely Dan:



Would you take me by the hand?


He is spring in the bow

before arrows seek


their blood-red eyes.

He dances dreaming


of other feet. 

The last of him is the last


you feel getting soft

in your cells


until you jump

at what made you.


Call your words back

from their loose fire


and put them into the lines

where they lived before


you saw paper

scarred with slashes,


heard beats going down

inside a drum.


There is always more music

than a note played off-key


when fingers move too fast

to keep up.


Nothing loses ground.

The dirt in your shoes walks 


because there is no other way. 

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Greg Jensen has worked with unhoused adults living with mental illnesses and addiction problems in Seattle, WA for over 25 years. His work has appeared in 'december,' 'Bodega,' 'Crab Creek Review,' 'Fugue,' 'Rabid Oak,' and 'Porridge Magazine.' Greg holds an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University.

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