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Louise Mathias


The river curved

informed by something ancient.


A vital wound

drawn out between swept hills.


I could die out here tonight


owning nothing

but the knowledge that ravens will find me.


Doomed cattle out to the West.


Doomed in the hands of the occupant grasses.


But the sky all church again.



Dusk in the rift-valley now, saffroning.

Wild horses


reduced to spindle skeletal trees—


The chestnut one barely an existence.


In the grimly lit adobe,



he holds me

like a storm-charm.


This is not

what I thought I would be.




Color of rabbitbrush. Palest

of unsung jonquils. Awoke


still warm in it. His ever

botanical touch.


Silk, so,

thank the spiders.


To be called to—



All the Arizona



His hands in it:

redundancy of nicotine and vice.

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Louise Mathias is the author of three books of poems, including What if the Invader is Beautiful, forthcoming Fall 2024 from Four Way Books. She lives in Joshua Tree, California. 

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