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Andrew Robin

Pears In Winter

Pears, as if floating, daubed like goldleaf against a heavy snow. 




And deer, come red and chestdeep through the drifts to sniff  

and bare their soft white throats.




(Who painted this kept a pack of docile wolves in the

evenings of their heart.)




Hoofprints, startled: and then launched into flawless leaps over 

the earth.




Pears, faintly swinging, with little crescent moons bitten out.

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Andrew Robin is the author of the poetry collections something has to happen next (University of Iowa Press), good beast (Burnside Review Books), Stray Birds (Kelson Books), and a recent chapbook, Small Pale Telegrams From The World (Sixth Finch Books). Recognitions include the Iowa Poetry Prize, a Poetry Society of America National Chapbook Award, and a Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Andrew lives with his wife Sarah on Lopez Island, where he works as an RN and volunteers as an EMT.

Bear Review


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