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Daniel Coudriet

For a City

I need to grow a beard

to cover up my eye.

There is a soapy tree

I haven’t thought through.

Mustard is a background.

A rose discarded in a parking lot.

Like a lumberjack fighting

a bunch of tangerines.

I’m a brave brave man

lying flat on my face.

Daniel Coudriet.JPG

Daniel Coudriet lives with his wife and son in Richmond, Virginia, and in Carcarañá, Argentina. He is the author of Say Sand (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2010) and a chapbook, Parade (Blue Hour Press, 2012). His translation of Argentinean poet Lila Zemborain’s Rasgado was awarded an NEA Fellowship, and his poems and translations have made recent appearances in Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Green Mountains Review, jubilat, Oversound, Prelude, Transom, and elsewhere. 

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