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Drew Cook


Our Time in the Wilderness



The realest fears

                                        solar panels

women in motorcars

                                        inductive reasoning



             a lifetime

                                        in red dirt

in brown dirt

                          hitching up outside

                                                                  the cowboy


                                        Kafka for folks

who don’t read


                                                     as if Texans

need to be tricked

                                        into being Baptist






what about


crime   what

                            about Chicago

what    about

                            urban Gittites


three children    new iPhone

Snap card

                            we’re burning up

like July

in Sugar Land


of our                  hometowns

that the check   of our whiteness

will bounce        o lord won’t you

knock a tall        man down





Linen & Wool After Labor Day



Keep those gimps out

                                          of the temple

                                          get a tattoo

against tattoos

                                          don’t let

a lady ovulate

you into hell


bake a white

lemon zest



                                          your rapist


shellac & impale

outside the bakery                   

                                          a ward against

                                          butter & garlic

over prawns


                                          from the dead mouth

of the Mississippi

Cook - Goliath
Cook - Linen & Wool
Drew Cook

Drew S. Cook studies, teaches and eats shellfish at and around the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His current poetic project interrogates the mythological underpinnings of evangelical whiteness. His poems have appeared in Pleiades and Nimrod, and he is a Co-Executive Editor at Trio House Press. 

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