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Jess Gersony


What do you make

of an expanding? Of water

coming in and pushing the leaf

to grow? What do you make
of dehydrating?


An emptying, a lessening. 

I am grasping at the grace

of fluid. Grasping at
it’s carrying of me. 


I see the surface,

the underwater, 

and the sky.


I remember driving with my father
and sister to the spring
coming out of a cliff
to collect a few gallons for home.


Where is my first water? 

And will I recognize it?

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Jess Gersony (she/her) is a queer poet and plant biologist investigating human-earth interactions. Her poetry has appeared in The Sycamore Review, Off the Coast, The Tide Rises, and Willows Wept Review.

Bear Review


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