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Jessica Comola


Cows don’t come home here anymore, the loudspeaker shouts


In the caskets, all the grandmothers swear

into their mouths and shake their heads


A wobble bumblebee shakes her head


I am baying like a bird that ignites upon contact with the air


I feel like a hearth, old in the earth

I feel light as a drowsy curtain


I recall sleeping as an infant

A bleating ship sail sclose to the winda spossible


Weird Sisters warp in the celestial cloths of the Townsfolk Closet


Homespun lore running into everything with its scissors


Weird Sisters turn their weird Bambi heads slowly toward me


Rain descends to the earth in a magnet,

shaking the whole body like an iron in a dryer

Comola_Jessica copy - Jessica Comola.jpg


Jessica Comola is a poet and multimedia artist. See more of her work at or follow her on Instagram @jlcomola

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