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Jessica Farquhar

Seldom Thing

To find a way more gracefully to [make] love,

pliant-necked as a swan,

set to a river’s rhythm. To find a tiny fetish

in your honor in the rare


shape of a swan egg. Seldom thing. To find

in a turbid mind

that which sinks down sometimes.

To find a white


hen that lays brown eggs, a surprise like that

once in a while. Egg-box

that goes white white white brown white white

white white white


white white white. Like that. Deteriorating sentence,

I adore you and your

holy syntactical roadmap. The gaps in our

loving as much.

Jessica Farquhar.JPG

Circa 1982, in a little Louisville neighborhood called Buechel, Jessica Farquhar learned how to write her name at the counter of Fanelli’s, an ice cream parlor owned by her grandparents, which was regulared also by Muhammad Ali. Her work has appeared in Diagram, The Journal and Fogged Clarity, among other journals. If you open up the Poet's Almanac app on a snowy day, you might be doled out one of her poems.

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