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Jessica Walsh

2020 Michelle Boisseau Poetry Prize finalist

Better One // Better Two

the bird in the tree // the bird with a leaf of the tree


the bed of the lake // the bed with a view of the lake


the sun through the blinds // the blind spot of sun with no blinds


your hair in the brush // the chair where she once brushed your hair


your hair left unbrushed // your hair in the mouth of a bird


a bird off to nest // her nest with a view of the lake


her bed by the lake // her bed where she sits while you now brush her hair


the sun on her bed // the sun on the nest she can see from her bed


your hair in the nest // the nest where the bird used a strand of your hair


the bed of the nest // the nest like the bed of a lake where you swam


the lake dried to dust // the dust on the chair where she sat as you swam


her hair in your brush // your bed like the leaf of a tree gone to dust


the tree in the dust // the sun on the nest made of strands of your grief


the grief of the sun // the blind spot of grief with no blinds

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Jessica L. Walsh's poetry can be found in RHINO, Lunch Ticket, Tinderbox, Fatal Flaw Lit and more. She is the author of two poetry collections, most recently The List of Last Tries and two chapbooks. A native of rural Michigan, she is a community college professor in suburban Chicago. Find more at

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