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Kieron Walquist

What Hunts Us Back

November 13th, 2019 – A video circulating social media Wednesday suggested a mountain lion was recently spotted near the Menards on Stonecreek Drive.

Using life-sized cutouts as confirmation, agents from the Missouri Department of Conservation said the animal seen in the video is not a cougar.

—KRCG 13


What about Twehous, their years of drilling + dynamite?


The acres knocked down for the new Sam’s Club?


+ the tracks found on Campbell’s farm, bigger than any housecat or coyote?


The calf dragged off pasture?


[Poor limbs pretzeled.]


What about the footage from Randy’s trail cam?


[That low slink + shudder of beige. Those great green eyes.]


What about 2008, the lion bulldozed near Fulton, curling fender with fur?


[Its terrifying majesty the first thing you see at the Runge Center.]


+ the flyers, all those dogs, tacked on Moser’s bulletin board?


Why do the men carry a pistol when entering the mines at Hwy 63 Quarry?


That morning something rode the wind other than fog?


The morning a woman caterwauled, wrapped birdsong inside-out.


What about the doe discovered up in a walnut tree, its carcass a chandelier?


+ the night the neighborhood dogs wouldn’t stop barking.

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Kieron Walquist is a queer autistic poet and hillbilly from Missouri. His work appears/is forthcoming in Best New Poets 2022, IHLR, The Missouri Review, Pleiades, and others. He received his MFA in Poetry from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently a 2022-2023 FAWC Fellow.

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