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Kimberly Lambright

On the Bowery

The night’s a ball of yarn.

I’m careful with you.

I try to be a minor tower of indigo.

I try to book our booth of sweet potatoes.

My mind is sauce.

You’ve championed

me, we’re at some hotel

for a final drink. Let’s decide,

you say, my third eye a candle above us.

Let’s note the myths it took to get us here.

I feel my point of view changing, my abs

holding my will forward. I don’t

have much more to give

but you can have it all (we guess

at kissing, your face in my neck).

This place, it’s been held for us. We make

a baseline, we get lost in the floral furniture,

its lovebird history. My drink is Blue Jay, yours is Cardinal.

I didn’t know my heart would be this heavy

when I finally put it down.

Kimberly Lambright

Kimberly Lambright is a Brooklyn-based poet and author of Ultra-Cabin (42 Miles Press, 2016), selected by David Dodd Lee as the winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award and named a SPD-Recommends Book Choice. Lambright is a MacDowell Colony fellow and her work appears in Phoebe, OAR, Columbia Poetry Review, ZYZZYVA, Sink Review, Bone Bouquet, The Boiler, Wicked Alice, Burningwood Literary Journal, Big Bridge, Little Patuxent Review, The Burnside Review and elsewhere.

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