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Lisa Alletson

The morning after a fatal car accident on our street

a fuzzy sweater dances down the road. One

wind-filled sleeve rolling over the other–

a pink wake of loose threads.


My toddler, plucking icicles off our front railing

chases the sweater; berry-jam language

bursting from her lips. I seize her


just as the breeze drops. A pick-up truck honks.

Giggling, she slips out of my grip. Presses an icicle

to my pounding chest. Says, Mommy’s OK.

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Lisa Alletson was raised in South Africa and England and now lives in Canada. In addition to Bear Review, her work is published or forthcoming in New Ohio Review, Crab Creek Review, Gone Lawn, Milk Candy Review, Bending Genres, CLOVES, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Moist Poetry Journal among others. "Her first book, “Good Mother Lizard” won The Headlight Review poetry chapbook contest and will be published in late 2022.” She writes on Twitter @LotusTongue.

Bear Review


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