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Louise Mathias

The Violets Have a Back-up Plan

Purple-thief-of-the-gospels adorn the road
the blood-fed ranch.


and their allies.


American Lady, Painted Lady, West Coast Lady.

He asked you to decorate hell and
you fell for it. Viola of the stream, the bog,

viola of—

Forgiveness comes when I say it does,
and with a sever.

Three Types of Mimicry

I pictured butterflies each time the boy was hurting me.
I say
boy, though he was north of forty. I say hurt, because for years
I spoke in pretty code. There are no butterflies on Mars,
and here on earth,

Confertiflora dupes the bees because she has to—
as when I told the boy he made me come
because the other path was frozen lakes and crosshairs.

What color are my eyes? I asked his back

a dense arithmetic of bramble, fear and birdsong.

Mathias - Three Types of Mimicry
Louise Mathias

Louise Mathias is the author of two books of poems, most recently The Traps (Four Way Books). Recent work appears in the Colorado Review, Tin House, The Journal and the Academy of American Poets Poem a Day Feature. She lives in Joshua Tree, California.

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