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Nicole Callihan

From Yesteryear



Under the rose-

less rose bush, I mute

myself, better not

to hear the birds,

the baying of the pack

of dogs uphill.

A half dozen stone

frogs, I’m not sure

how I got here.


disconcertion. Patience

turned inside out,

an iron-on eagle.

What I forgot:

a sweater. What I

forgot: my father.

What I forgot:

the easy way

of operating

in a body,

how to reach

without thinking

reach, succumb

without saying,

succumb, succumb.

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Nicole Callihan’s books include SuperLoop (2014) and the chapbooks The Deeply Flawed Human (2016), Downtown (2017), The Couples (a novella, 2019), and ELSEWHERE ( w/ Zoë Ryder White, 2020). Her work has appeared in Tin House, Sixth Finch, PEN--America, The American Poetry Review and as a Poem-a-Day selection from the Academy of American Poets. She currently serves as Artist-in-Residence for Asterix Journal. Find out more at

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