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Robin Rosen Chang

Sometimes I Imagine the Universe

inverted, reeling you back 

             to me, almost-child. You, 

                          a pebble that fell, leaving 


my womb empty as the cradle 

             in the closet. 

                          Sometimes I imagine 


you’re sky, a star-speckled tureen, 

             and a capsized world 

                          could pour you into my body. 


Sometimes you’re waves 

             above my head, churning, 

                          across clouds


or the deep sea, where a humpback whale births

             its calf. I imagine 

                          its cries, those low, slow pulses


how sometimes they sound 

             like echoes of your heart 

                          beating inside mine. 

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Robin Rosen Chang is the author of The Curator's Notes (Terrapin Books, 2021). Her poems have appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review, The Journal, Diode, North American Review, The Cortland Review, Poet Lore, Verse Daily, and elsewhere. Robin received a 2023 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. She has an MFA from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. She lives in New Jersey, where she teaches writing at Montclair State University and tutors.

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