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Tesa Blue Flores


Sunlight still shocks me.

My paleness still shocks people when confronted with my Mexicaness,

to be two things at once is too much.


In some ways, everyone falls in line, 

just not when you wish they would.


My hair is the membrane that lets me

shy away.

   So I let it do what it wants in thanks.


I wonder if kids stop being sponges

when they grow up.

And when do we harden?


People taught me to skip stones 

but I never caught on.

I feel my skin smoothening into armor, cold and flat, 

silkily skimming the surface 

before settling below.

Tesa Flores

Tesa Blue Flores is a nanny, wedding planner, house cleaner and poet. She loves dollar pizza, stray cats and hotel robes. She has been published in Bodega Magazine, The Voices Project, the Showbear Family Circus, and Hamilton Stone Review.

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