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W. Todd Kaneko


One day it will be possible to see

things that are impossible


to see, like the living are unable

to see ghosts, like I am unable


to see how impossible the sky is

when my son points


at a streetlight and says

the moon, like heaven


can ever be tethered to the ground,

like a boy can refuse to look


at the world in front of him,

at the glimmer and grime hidden


by tricks of light. My father took me

to church once, asked me to kneel


in prayer and when I sat on my hands

he kneeled without me,


eyes squeezed shut like I was

not there with him, like he is no longer


here on earth, like I will no longer

be here on earth for my son, one day.


Ask me any question about faith—

the moon, I will say because


maybe there is something out there

watching us from the gloom


of space, like we can understand

how to live together in the dark.

Kaneko Photo - Credit Tyler Steimle - Todd Kaneko.jpg


W. Todd Kaneko is the author of the poetry books This Is How the Bone Sings and The Dead Wrestler Elegies. He is co-author with Amorak Huey of the poetry chapbook Slash/Slash and Poetry: A Writers’ Guide and Anthology. His poems have appeared in Poetry, Alaskan Quarterly Review, Massachusetts Review, The Normal School, Barrelhouse, Verse Daily, Poetry Daily, the American Academy of Poets Poem-A-Day, and elsewhere. A Kundiman Fellow, he lives with his family in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he teaches at Grand Valley State University.

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