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CS Carrier


The White River of December

The White River of tons of dead fish

The White River of branches of ammonia

The White River of thiram & lead bromate

The White River of known carcinogens


Flowing across stolen lands

Bleaching the stones between worlds


The White River a sludge of dreams

The White River a legacy of head lamps

The White River a deadness of names

The White River a reminder of blush


A mesh of drowning, of throes

Flowing through the city of Indiana

Along the amphitheater, behind the legislature

Scorching the mouths of mouths


The White River enshrouded

With cigarette butts & Round-Up, paint & brake dust

The White River inscribed

By a century of easements, retrospect not prospect


The White River that sheens kayaks, duck decoys

The White River that lusters the heron’s legs

The White River that glistens the carps’ eyelids

The White River that meanders its zombie gait

Through what passes for care

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C.S. Carrier (he/him) is the author of After Dayton and Mantle. His poem, "The Natural State," won the third annual Omnidawn Broadside Contest in 2018. Other poems have appeared in Sprung Formal, The Indianapolis Review, and Denver Quarterly. He earned an MFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a PhD from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. From 2019-2021, he was the drummer for the Arkansas band Thisness. Currently, he lives in Indiana and works as a Staff Advisor in the Shaheen College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Indianapolis.

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