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Matt McBride & Philip Lindsey

Inside the Soul's Thrift Store

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Philip Lindsey’s work as a painter is divided into two distinct bodies; one, a formalist language of expressive gestural abstraction, the other a journey into personal narrative through metaphor and allegory. Lindsey’s work has been selected by major museum curators for national and international juried exhibitions. Lowery Stokes Simms (Museum of Modern Art, and Museum of Arts and Design), Kathryn Calley Galitz (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Ann Prentice Wagner (Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Arkansas Art Center), and Yvette Lee (Whitney Museum of American Art) are among curators who have selected his paintings and drawings for exhibition. Lindsey is a Professor of Fine Arts at Wilson College, where he teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs. He also serves as curator for Wilson’s Bogigian Art Gallery. 


Matt McBride’s work has recently appeared in Action, Spectacle, The Banyan Review, Figure 1, Impossible Task, Porlock Poetry, The Rupture, and Rust & Moth, among others. He is the author of one full-length collection, City of Incandescent Light (Black Lawrence Press in 2018) and four chapbooks. His most recent, Prerecorded Weather, co-written with Noah Falck, won the 2022 James Tate Prize and is available from SurVision books. Currently, he is an assistant professor at Wilson College, where he teaches in the English program as well as the college’s interdisciplinary MFA. He can be found online at, @matthewdmcbride (X), and at_the_mercy_of_the_flies (Instagram).

Bear Review


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