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M.A. Nicholson

Cute, Joyce...

After “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been”



‘cept you got it all wrong. I was the one 

stuffing my tits lumpy with tissues, standing 


on tippy toes—and there  

weren’t no such thing as pre 


-meditating involved  

when he showed up 


no baggage, driving 

not a convertible but a Durango  


& I happened to be  

headed to Durango.  


Road signs. Yet we both got tongue-  

tied-up until I slowslank and no-looking 


-back led him to the field—to where 

my folks will never find us, though they love  


the hunt. I imagine they pushed  

the vehicle we abandoned 


into a pond before rounding up  

some other poor goat, some other


outcast; and broadcasted his smooth eye 

-lined bewilder, to blame; then made up  


another story to tell  

about me. 

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M.A. Nicholson is a poet, editor, educator, and M.F.A. graduate from the University of New Orleans, where she served as Associate Poetry Editor for Bayou Magazine. M.A.’s writing appears or is forthcoming in Best New Poets 2022, Tilted House Review, New Orleans Review, Diode Poetry Journal, Peauxdunque Review, and elsewhere. Her upcoming debut poetry collection, Around the Gate (The Word Works, 2024), received the Hilary Tham Capital Collection prize.

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