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M.A. Nicholson

Creole Recipe for Nonviolence

6 carrots, 10 baby bellas, half of a half of a head 

of cabbage, a handful of eggs, scarce, to fry 

with basmati and quinoa hailing 

from lands oceans apart in 

hot sunflower oil spiced 

with house-made roasted 

garlic roasted 

homegrown serrano 

red pepper red 

wine fresh oregano leaf 

in olive oil pulverized

in two large dollops finished 

with liquid aminos and coconut oil.                               Days grow 

longer.                 Xmas tree’s still standing—

           white light      now multicolored    for the gras. 

Last night’s dinner was raisins, chocolate chips, honey O’s.

For breakfast—only coffee. 

All fair trade. 

                                 One recipe

I didn’t inherit from my family—soup 

                                                                    from alligator snapping

                                                         turtle, beheaded, cuz 

                                          after my uncle was crunched under duct

                            work industrial on the river, Maw Maw lost her hair

                            and she swore she would never kill again.

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M.A. Nicholson is a poet, editor, educator, and M.F.A. graduate from the University of New Orleans, where she served as Associate Poetry Editor for Bayou Magazine. M.A.’s writing appears or is forthcoming in Best New Poets 2022, Tilted House Review, New Orleans Review, Diode Poetry Journal, Peauxdunque Review, and elsewhere. Her upcoming debut poetry collection, Around the Gate (The Word Works, 2024), received the Hilary Tham Capital Collection prize.

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