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Volume SEVEN


Issue 2

Rebecca Valley

Chistine Degenaars

Paige Welsh

Crista Siglin

Sarah Gridley

D. S. Waldman

Mag Gabbert

Jessica Walsh

Leanna Petronella

Mary Ardery

Danielle Shorr

Christine Gosnay

Crista Siglin

Cate Peebles

James D'Agostino

Stephen Kampa

Jordan Stempleman

Michael Mercurio

Christa Siglin

Adele Elise Williams

Nicole Callihan

Kelly Samuels

Crista Siglin

Anthony Procopio Ross

Temperance Aghamohammadi


Special Feature

  Inside Cover: "moments for moses."

feature Graphic Image: "Tough Cradle."

Header bar Graphic images: "Slipping into something comfortable."

All images by Crista Siglin

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